Sansanee Boonyad is a fine artist and instructor.

Her current body of work focuses primarily on drawing, and the integration of contemporary issues in figurative and the classical sensitivity. She is best known for her over life-size portraiture and expressive mark-making. Her signature mark-making works to reveal the depth of emotions and her subjects' interior being.

Sansanee's marks contain everything from delicate rendering to spontaneous passionate gestures. The lines that are intertwined display the ideas of changes and unpredictability. Acknowledging every one of life's lessons and gratefully embracing experiences are important to her since life has so many facets that wait to be explored.


Her spirit of exploration is evident not only in her work, but in her extensive academic history as well. Sansanee Boonyad received her MFA in Painting/ Drawing from Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD),  her BA in Art from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and, her BEd in Art Education from Loei Rajabhat University, Thailand. Having studied in Thailand as well as the U.S., Sansanee's unique international educational experience inspired her to share her passion for fine art with others through both her artwork and her private instruction of students.


Described as approachable, and always willing to go above and beyond to help nurture her students' artistic abilities, Sansanee Boonyad is enjoying her current adventure as an art instructor for teens and adults. She looks forward to guiding even more budding artists in their journey with fine art. If you are interested in taking private classes with Sansanee, click here for more information. You can also click here to download Sansanee Boonyad's CV.

Selected Exhibitions of Sansanee Boonyad's Artwork include:

In Search of The Real II, LCAD Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Intuitive Realities II, Q Art Salon, Santa Ana, CA

Emerging Master, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

Taking Measure, Laguna Beach City Hall, Laguna Beach, CA

Go Face Yourself, Cast of Crowns, Laguna Beach, CA

Selected Summer Art Show, The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, Gloversville, NY

Pacific Currents, Laguna Beach City Hall, Laguna Beach, CA

Lineage, CJ Sitton Studio, Santa Ana, CA

Art Hop, Barton Studio, Fresno, CA

The External Affairs Department, Office of Los Angeles Mayor, City Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Pulling Teeth Art Exhibition, New Wight Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

10th Annual Juried Fine Art Show, Hillel at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Mindfulness Madness Art Show, John Wooden Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Art in the Union 2014, Kerckhoff Art Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Art Hop, Art Space, Fresno, CA

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